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About us

About us

Our Story We are a brand based in Jaipur. Creating new designs, style, and comfort over the last 4 years.  Our story behind creating Pink Jaipur is to bring exceptional and unique designs with royalty and love from the streets of Jaipur. Our founder has always been creating and designing for herself and her family. After getting appreciation, she developed the confidence to create Pink Jaipur. And since then there is no looking back, from basics to mandatory, our founder and team make sure that they are on the right path and successful in delivering a quality product to their customers. We are proud to be part of their choice. 

Our CustomersWe’ve listened carefully to what women loved about the products, and it provided insight into why women loved to wear the clothing, and why it made a difference in their everyday lives. We learned that women are so busy and active that comfort and practicality were essential, but looking great and feeling confident was equally as important. Our customers choose to be both stylish and comfortable and feel the satisfaction of their hard work by taking time to pursue their passions, re-charge, and enjoy life.